The firm

Lev-Koren, Shoshani, Zini, Benaim is a veteran law firm with a reputation in the north region in general and in the Krayot area in particular. The firm employs nine lawyers, interns and secretaries.

The firm specializes in all areas of real estate, as well as representation in the various courts.

The firm operates with a unique approach that enables the firm’s clients high access to lawyers, a very short response time and “eye-to-eye” conduct, all due to an understanding of the importance of the client’s involvement in managing his affairs.

What makes us special?


A well-established and reputable office in the north and Krayot area

Personal attention

High accessibility to lawyers, extremely short response time and “eye-to-eye” conduct


Specializing in real estate, and in representation in courts

More about us

  • The office staff includes 9 lawyers, 2 interns and 2 secretaries.
  • Lawyers and offices, who cooperate throughout the country on a regular basis.
  • Courier services, that receive and transfer documents daily to various authorities.
  • Legal search software for verdicts and legislation.
  • Approval of withholding tax and approval under the Public Bodies Transactions Law.
  • Ability to manage hundreds of files in parallel.
  • Legal software for office management. Office hall.



Years of experience



Housing units



Court cases



Lawyers on the team

The real estate department

The office real estate department accompanies dozens of projects and thousands of housing units in all types of transactions, from purchase of land, “Pinuy Binuy” transactions, accompaniment of purchase groups and building associations, entrepreneurs, projects of “Mehir Lamishtaken”, tenants, sale transactions of second hand properties and apartments, execution of ownership proceedings with the Israel Land Authority, etc.

Our firm accompanies urban renewal projects within the framework of “TAMA 38”, in all its stages and issues, whether in the representation of tenants or entrepreneurs for the use of the rights granted by virtue of “TAMA 38” [“Pinuy Binuy” of a building or by strengthening an existing building and using rights granted by virtue of “TAMA 38”], while formulating the appropriate changes for the tenants vs. the granting of building rights to the entrepreneur.In addition to all of the above, our office is recommended by the “Tarbut Hadiur” association in the Haifa District, as an office for accompanying residents in the framework of urban renewal.

Our office is among the few offices in the region with practical and relevant experience in projects in the area of urban renewal in general and “Pinuy-Binuy” in particular. Our office accompanies the most significant “Pinuy Binuy” project in the city of Nahariya – a complex that includes about 200 new housing units that are in advanced stages of construction.

The litigation department

The firm’s litigation department accompanies and represents clients in all legal instances (including: the Land Commissioner, the Magistrate’s Court, the District Court, the Labor Court and the Supreme Court) in civil and commercial disputes and in thousands of cases each year.

As part of its activities, the litigation department handles high-profile cases, administrative petitions concerning tenders, claims for damage to property and body, insurance claims, breach of contracts, financial claims, construction defects claims, representation before the Land Registry Supervisor, which are required by these courts.

In addition, the department works with various companies and provides them with ongoing legal advice and support, starting with their establishment and throughout the period of their activity.

The litigation department is careful about synchronizing activities between the legal team and the client, while constantly striving for excellence.

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